“BlockR is a puzzle “cube” game, where you are controlling a cube and have to go from a to b. There is one obstacle in BlockR: you have a certain number of “moves” and time to complete the different levels, which means that the player must take into account how he uses his moves and at the same time keeping an eye on how much time he has to deal with.” – Jakob Dahl (creator)

BlockR is a very ingenious and fun game to play and we encourage you to try it yourself.

In the mean time, here’s the making of:

Falcon simulator

“Falcon Simulator takes on the exciment from the original Star Wars trilogy and brings you the objective to fly around in space, and evade meteors! You can also fly shoot or crash into the meteors. The game was never finished but it should make you imagine what we intended to do with the project.” – Nikolaj With Lauritsen & Christian Petersen (creators)

Falcon Simulator is a dynamic and exciting student project and you can read all about it by visiting the original publication or by watching the making of below:


Serpent’s Mound

Serpent’s Mound Project – Exam

“This is a small game-prototype that demonstrates some first-person mechanics and some atmosphere. It’s supposed to be a kind of “limbo” type of place where those who die are sent.

You can explore the scene freely and talk with the snake, but the water in the center that the snake speaks of, is not interactible.” – Anders Grube Jensen (creator)

We loved this original and imaginative product. The original can be found on his student portfolio, but until then, here is the full preview: