On the DigitalMedia programme we will work extensively with digital tools,
such as paint, animation and video editing applications.

We are looking for people that want to express themselves visually, and are willing to work hard to achieve excellence.

About the programme:

Digital Media . English, is a 3 – 3½ year vocational education in the production of digital media.

You have to option of following the english or danish version of the education.

There are two directions of specialization:

Integrator focuses on webdevelopment and development for mobile media.
Animator focuses on digital content creation, for tv, film and games.

The first part of the education is school based:
For younger students it starts with a 20 week prepatory course. This is followed by a 20week media course, that ends with a 2 week foundation course project and exam.
Older students start directly on the 2nd 20 week course.

As part of the education you will have the option of going abroad on a studytrip for 4 weeks or more, studying at a mediaschool and/or working as an intern in a media business.

To get started on the final 2½ years of the education you need an apprenticeship at a relevant company for the duration of the final 2½ years.

In that time you will attend courses at school and online/distance learning for a total of 40 weeks.

Here’s a visual explanation of the Digital Media Education

Note that this is pending an update! The foundation course will be redesigned from summer 2015!.

Practical information:

For applying to Digital Media . English please contact
Tina Due Enggaard  / +45 63 12 68 23